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Our company history reaches all the way back to the Meiji Era when we started our forging business mainly by manufacturing and repairing mining tools used in the Besshi Copper Mine. For more than 130 long years, we have been focusing on the casting business and have successfully expanded into various business fields that have adjusted to the trends of time through innovative change while also meeting the demands of society with exact precision.

While we have been earnestly and efficiently creating, improving, and utilizing the highest levels of technologies and knowledge since the Meiji Era, we have not let our success make us complacent. Rather, we have all the more been intent on evolving our business so that we can continually introduce state-of-the-art technologies and the latest equipment. We are not afraid of change and we take pleasure in challenges. Through harnessing the spirit that we have fostered since our foundation, we continue to create new value by providing products to our three business markets changing and developing on a worldwide scale

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